Apply for a Machining/CNC Apprenticeship

How to Enroll

Your Apprenticeship is sponsored and paid by Your Employer. If you do not have an employer - or your employer is not willing or able to sponsor - we cannot enroll you in this program.

What if I'm NOT currently employed?

Under SOME circumstances, CTMAA may know of our sponsor employers LOOKING for motivated, responsible entry-level trainees. Contact us, provide a resume and work experience, and most of all, show you are serious by enrolling on your own at a local college beginner machine shop course.

The process, detailed below, starts with determining if there is a CTMAA certified college machine technology CERTIFICATE program available near where you live or work. NEXT, at a meeting with your employer and you - we'll walk you both through each of your responsibilities and determine if your prior experience or background might enable your employer to ACCELERATE from a 4-year program to a shorter period. If you have taken any machining courses or have performed shop duties with manual or CNC machines - it is this initial meeting where CTMAA and your employer determine the length and elements of the 4-year program you'll be required to complete.

In some cases - say for example you have worked several years with CNC or manual machines as an "operator" - CTMAA is able to reduce the 4-year term to as little as a 12-month period. We will make that determination mutually with your employer after an assessment of your current skills.