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California Tooling & Machining Apprenticeship Association (CTMAA)

What is Apprenticeship?

A registered apprenticeship is a voluntary partnership between an Employer and one or more Employees who receive on-the-job training, employer-paid schooling and supervision by a qualified and experienced 'expert' machinist. "Registered" apprenticeships are approved by and certificates are awarded by the State of California and the US Department of Labor.

Registered Apprenticeships are required to have an Apprenticeship Committee to determine wage and skills standards, represent the training needs of all their industry employers - and to assure equal access, quality of instruction and determine standards for the certification of apprentices for graduation - as Journeypersons of their designated job (trade). CTMAA is a Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee ("UAC") for the State of California. That means we are certified by the California Division of Apprentice Standards ("DAS") -on a statewide basis- to:

  • Establish and Certify Training and Curriculum Standards
  • Keep Legal Records of Apprentice Academic and Performance Attainment
  • Survey Merit-shop Employers to Determine Appropriate Wage Levels
  • Conduct Recruiting and Outreach to Colleges, Schools and the Public
  • Serve as Advocates for both Apprentices and Employers
  • Receive Employment Training Panel ("ETP") Funds from California, on Behalf of Employers

A regular (Machinist) Apprenticeship is 8,000 Hours On-the-Job supervised training from the designated skill standard plus approximately 576 Hours of an approved College Certificate

An entry-level candidate with good mechanical aptitude, reasonable math and language skills, working full time and taking class one or two nights (or a Saturday) per week for 2 Semesters per year will complete our program in four years -- all the while earning an increasing wage as his or her skills increase -- and not incur college debt!

ACCELERATED Programs are Also Available for:

Our College Partners

These Colleges offer curriculum and machining certificates, shop facilities and qualified instruction certified by CTMAA.

The Value Proposition

Why Apprenticeship Works

It's been said it takes "10,000 hours to master a trade." Is it reasonable to assume taking even 1,000 hours of college instruction makes one a Journey-Level Machinist? No, of course not. The missing ingredient? Steadily increasing responsibilities and supervision by a more experienced "Master" - and that's exactly what an apprenticeship is. Here are the benefits:

  • Up-skill reliable employees
  • Access today's tools & technology
  • Avoid false starts
  • Reputation for better careers
  • 1/4 the cost of recruiting
  • Avoid competitor poaching
  • Better morale AND productivity
  • Attractive Wage Scale
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